117 East Washington
Centerville ,Iowa
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Golf Carts
Engines New
& Used
Tires & parts
A NEW regular golfcar costs $7000 &up

Used Gas carts are in VERY short supply
We have a few good used gas carts in stock
but the outlook in finding anymore is bleak.
Newer Electric carts run even faster than the gassers
and require very little maintenance.
The future is pointed towards Electric carts.
(that's why the majority of golf courses use Electric)

golf course leases is where usedgolfcarts come from.
All my stuff on
Carts over $1995 have a 1 year Engine warranty
(unless stated otherwise in purchase agreement)
If you haven't noticed
GAS golfcarts are in short supply
I am one of the only guys that have ANY USED
GAS carts.
I have only a few 2009s left, but man are they slick!
Price ranges from $3
595 up
includes a one year mechanical warranty!
(colors ,other than white or green ,are $600 more)
(rear seats are $400 extra) ( $2
89 carryout)
(alum box is $300 , black is $200 installed)
Yes we take TRADES .
Trojan Batteries are available for your Electric cart
(T105s $124 , T1275s (12 volt) are $199 exchange)

Call 641-895-0075